Nutritive Soup

Why do I want this page?

Children, teenagers, adults alike, after intensive studying or work need some food of nutritive value. And soup is one of the most easily digestible and most easily assimilated form of nutrition.

Secondly, when your loved one yearns for a cup of drink because of the weather or the real need for a drink, you can satiate his desire with this nutritive soup which is easy to make.

Do not yield to your child’s demand for a fizzy soft drink. Cook nutritive soups for your child. In time you may be able to mould and guide your child’s palate and instil in your child to consume food that is good for him for the rest of his life.

It is with such intention that I write my first article and hope that I am able to contribute to many more helpful, useful and valuable articles in future.

I present my first article – soup – my sister, Anne’s soup.


For some time, my sister, Anne, whenever she comes to visit mother who lives with my eldest sister, would lug along a gigantic pot of soup for everybody in the family. Each time, after we have drunk her soup, we would realise the good effects of the soup. We just naturally felt good. However, the goodness of the soup is always more pronounced whenever she brings the soup for us when we were all exhausted from work and the soups were really a case of ‘god send dew’. We all drank the soup with relish and would feel almost instantly better. My sister has made many types of soups for us. Below is one of the many of my sister, Anne’s soups. Take note of how the soup is made though it does look simple.


2 large carrots
1 hand size lotus
1 cob maize
8 large sized red dates
6 pieces of cashew nuts - optional
6 roasted bamboo salt – a pinch will do


Use organic carrots, maize, cashew nuts and red dates. It does make a lot of difference in taste and for good health too.

Organic sweet maize and carrots from Thailand are especially nice for this soup.

Lotus from the marketplace will have to do because as far as I know there are no organic lotus for sale to date.

Use organic cashew nuts. Gluten Free cashew nut (raw natural).

For red dates, use Organic Dried Large Jujubes from Taiwan. These red dates are free from preservative, artificial flavour and colours and sulfur dioxide.

Cashew nut is optional because some people may have an allergy to nuts.


Slice the corn cob downwards with a knife to remove all the kernels. This way the total taste of the corn will be revealed. Also, put in the stem of the corn cob to cook as well.

Cut the carrots into small cubes. Do the same for the lotus.

Scald the red dates with hot water. Then wash the red dates under running water and soak in hot water for half an hour. This water can be used in boiling the soup. Wash the red dates again to remove any debris that might still lie hidden in the folds of the crinkled skins of the dried red dates. After that, remove the seeds of the red dates. Tear each and every red date into smaller parts. This will allow the nutritive value of the red date to be better dispersed into the soup.

Put all the ingredients into the pot. Add in 2.1 litres of 2nd level alkaline water. Let it boil. Once it starts to boil let it boil at high heat for 5 minutes, then set it to low heat and boil for 30 minutes. Then transfer the pot into the thermal pot and let the thermal energy cook the soup for another at least 2 hours. In between, bring the pot out and bring it to boiling point and let it boil for 5 minutes. Then transfer the pot back to the thermal pot. This is optional. Your soup is ready to drink.

Any good water filter system in the market will be able to provide you with good quality alkaline water. My two sisters and I use a very good home water filter system, hence, one of the reasons why this soup taste so good and feel good after drinking it. The type of water that goes into making a soup is important.

When you use a thermal pot in cooking this soup or any other soup for the matter, you save time and money as compared to using a regular pot in boiling your soup. You save on your electricity or gas consumption, which is money saved. There is also better time management. You do not need to constantly watch over your pot of soup once you put your pot of soup into the thermal cooker. You really can go and rest for a few hours with narry a thought if your soup will dry up under extensive stewing over the stove or you can go and do some other work around the home, and still have a piping pot of deliciously cooked soup.


My daughter, Angie, loves this soup very much and looks forward to drinking this soup whenever she returns from her hostel to rest at home. Nowadays, whenever I WhatsApp her what soup she would like to drink when she comes back home, she would inadvertently reply, ‘just that soup’. If I were to ask wouldn’t you like a change of soup, she would naturally say, ‘no need’. Thus I would cook one whole pot of this soup for her. She would readily help herself to the soup without any cajoling. It appears to be a very simple pot of soup to make. And it is! Nonetheless, our family testify to its sweetness and feel good effect.

I do hope this soup would also do you and your children good. Enjoy your soup.

Bon Appetit!


This is essentially a soup, not meant as a cure for ailments. Also, one should take note of your personal allergy or adverse reaction to any food item or herb used in any form of cooking.