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Parents have always valued their children’s education. Home tuition has been regarded by many parents who lead busy lifestyles as an important tool to help their children.

With the guidance of a good home tuition tutor, especially one who specialises in a certain subject, the home tuition tutor can help your child understand the subject that he or she is weak in and lay the result for a better future.

Every child has his or her own unique way of learning. A home tuition tutor can match the pace of your child and help your child in areas your child is weak in. A home tuition tutor can also help you monitor your child’s progress in the subject. Celebrate Home Tuition can help parents whose child needs help.

Fill up our Request A Tutor Form and let our home tuition tutors help your child excel in his or her studies. We will find a tutor who is qualified and suitable for your child.

Tuition rates
Tutor’s qualifications Lower primary Upper primary Lower secondary Upper secondary JC 1 JC 2
Diploma / A level / Polytechnic $17 $19 $25 $27 NA NA
Undergraduate $17 $20 $26 $28 $35 $35
Graduate $22 $25 $30 $35 $50 $55
School Teacher $37 $42 $47 $50 $70 $90

Celebrate Home Tuition tutors are experienced, committed and responsible.  Our home tuition tutors aim to improve your child’s academic results.  We are stringent with regard to the qualifications of our home tuition tutors and they have been carefully screened. We do not levy a fee on matching your child to a suitable tutor. 

Home tuition can make a positive influence in your child’s studies when you employ the help of a  good home tuition tutor.  For a young child, the transition from preschool to primary school is both delicate and important.  The need to be well-prepared for the PSLE is just as important.  Just as equally important is the ‘O’ level exams that dictates entry into the junior college or the polytechnic.  And the very important ‘A’ level exams will determine whether your child goes to the desired course at a good or prestigious university.

We specialise in providing private home tuition and strive to match your child to the most suitable tutor.  Let us help you find a suitable tutor for your child.  Leave this in the hands of Celebrate Home Tuition. Fill up our Request A Tutor Form.

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