Tuition Rates

The rates stated here is only a guideline. 

Tuition rates are based on the experience and qualification of the tutors and on the individual tutor's rates.

The actual rates may be higher than the rates stated here.


Current school teachers or ex-school teachers have received their training from the National Institute of Education and have a Certificate or Diploma in Education. They are teaching or have taught in schools before.  They are familiar with the current MOE teaching syllabus.  They are trained professionals.  They have the school experience in teaching.  Therefore, they tend to command a higher tuition rate.

Graduates have a minimum of a Bachelor's Degree.  They are also highly qualified.  They can be full-time tutors or part-time tutors.

Undergraduates.  They are young people who are currently studying at one of our universities in Singapore and give tuition on a part-time basis.  The close age-gap between this category of tutors and your child can prove to be advantage for your child.  Rapport can be built quickly between the tutor and your child.  And when your child sees his tutor or her tutor who is pursuing a tertiary education on a regular basis, your child is likely to want to emulate them.


When your child does well in life,  you will know that all the home tuition is worth the effort.  It may prove to be a worthwhile investment.


Tutor’s qualifications Lower primary Upper primary Lower secondary Upper secondary JC 1 JC 2
Diploma / A level / Polytechnic $17 $19 $25 $27 NA NA
Undergraduate $17 $20 $26 $28 $35 $35
Graduate $22 $25 $30 $35 $50 $55
School Teacher $37 $42 $47 $50 $70 $90