If you are yearning to eat something nutritious and non-meat, here's another excellent recipe from my sister, Anne. If you do not like smoke and oil in your kitchen as a result of your cooking, then try this recipe.  It is healthy eating that can be achieved even by a busy individual.  I believe young people, like our children, will enjoy it too,  It is really tasty.

3 medium lady fingers

1 medium tomato.  Deseed the tomato and cut into 4 pieces.

1 small brinjal.  Use purple colour brinjal.  You would have thus achieve the 5 coloured vegetables recipe stated here.  Use only one-quarter of it.  Cut into bite sizes.

1 small yellow or orange capsicum. Use only one-quarter of it.   Cut into bite sizes..

1 soft tofu.  Use only one-third of it.  Cut into bite sizes.

Preferably use all organic vegetables.

Use a good stainless steel plate that will not warp upon heating.  Use one that is big enough to accommodate all the vegetables.



One and a half teaspoon of Japanese white miso paste.

Some arrowroot powder.

A dash of ground black pepper.

One-third bowl of water..


1.  Wash all the vegetables. Cut them into bite sizes.  Then pat them dry with a clean cloth or kitchen towel.

2.  Place the vegetables on to the stainless steel plate.  Do not crowd them.  Do not pile them up.  Lie them flat.  Try to leave a small space between each vegetable.

3.  Drizzle an adequate amount of sesame oil over the ingredients.

4.  Set toaster to medium for 10 to 15 minutes.

5.  In a pot add in the arrowroot powder, black pepper and water.

    Bring it to a boil.  Stir it.

    Once it starts to boil, then add in the miso.  Then quickly turn off the fire because miso will lose its efficacy when heated over high heat. 

6.  Pour sauce over toasted vegetables.


    VOILA!  A delicious and nutritious meal.