For Parents

1.  After the tuition assignment has begun, can I still request to change to another tutor? What if I am not satisfied with the tutor after the 1st lesson? Are there charges?

You can stop your tuition assignment at any time. You only need to pay for the number of lessons already conducted. If you find the tutor’s tuition service not satisfactory after the first lesson, we will make further arrangements.

2.  How much do I have to pay for finding a tutor for me?

There are no charges. We will collect the tuition fees for the first 2 weeks of the first month from you as commission. The amount is payable 2 weeks after the tuition lessons have started. An invoice will be sent to you by post or by email. No one else is allowed to collect payment other than Celebrate Home Tuition.

3.   How is payment like?

Two weeks after the tuition lessons have started, an invoice will be sent to you. You can pay by cheque or by ATM bank transfer to our account.  

4.  Does Celebrate Home Tuition verify a tutor’s qualification? Can I get to see the tutor’s certificates?

Tutors have to upload their certificates and documentation for verification against the grades and details of their qualification which they have written in the tutor registration pages with Celebrate Home Tuition during the tutor registration when they register with Celebrate Home Tuition. We will let you know a tutor’s qualification details when you request a tutor from us. You can request the tutor to bring his certificates and documentation to show you on the first lesson.    

5.  What happens if I postpone a tuition lesson?

You are not charged for a lesson that was postponed and therefore not conducted. If the tuition assignment have yet to start, we will make suitable re-arrangements for you. After that, you will have to make your own arrangements with the tutor.

6.  What are the tuition rates?

The tuition rates can be found on the homepage. The tuition rates shown is only a guideline. You can let us know your budget and we will try our best to find  you with a tutor according to your requirements.

For Tutors

1.  Do I have to pay to register as a tutor? How do I sign up as a tutor? What are the requirements to sign up as a tutor?

Tutor registration with us is free.

To sign up as a tutor, just go to our Tutor Registration page and fill in your particulars. Then upload your certificates and documentation for verification.

The minimum requirements are :
You must be at least 18 years of age and a Singaporean and must be residing in Singapore or you must be at least 18 years of age and a Singapore Permanent Resident and must be residing in Singapore.  You must hold a minimum of ‘N’ level, ‘O’ level or diploma qualification.
You may be contacted by SMS, WhatsApp and handphone.
Please take note that Celebrate Home Tuition does not guarantee the tutor a tuition job.

2.  How do I prepare for the first lesson?

First, find out the exact location where you will be going to give tuition. You will want to be punctual. Your first impression will count a lot. You are advised to contact the student and plan for the lesson.  Prepare study notes and teaching materials for your lesson. Bring your NRIC, certificates and documentation to show the client.

3.  How much commission is levied on the tutor? When is the commission collected?  
  For every tuition assignment job, Celebrate Home Tuition is entitled to 50% of the first month’s tuition fees or the first 4 weeks tuition fees in the form of commission and the client who requests for a tutor will pay this commission to Celebrate Home Tuition. The commission will be collected from the client who had requested for the tutor when half the agreed amount of the lessons for the first month or first 4 weeks have been taught and the client will pay this commission to Celebrate Home Tuition. This payment is collected from the client two weeks after the tuition had started. If the client cancels the tuition assignment after the first lesson because the client is not pleased with the tuition services of the tutor, no commission for this lesson will be levied on the client and the tutor will not receive payment from this tuition assignment. However, every case will be reviewed as objectively as possible with the interest of all parties in mind.
4.  Dispute on the first tuition lesson. 
  The first lesson has been conducted. The client is required to pay for the lesson unless the client is not pleased with the tuition services of the tutor. As such the tutor may not receive payment. In such a case, Celebrate Home Tuition will investigate the situation. The matter will be handled with the interest of all parties in mind.
5.  What should I do if I cannot make it for the first lesson in a tuition assignment job?
  If you cannot turn up for the first lesson, please give notice at least 1 week before the first lesson by phone to Celebrate Home Tuition. If Celebrate Home Tuition did not receive your call that you are unable to turn up for the first lesson with good reason, and if you do not turn up for the first lesson without good reason, your tutor account may be closed, or you may have lesser chances of getting assignments.

For Parents and Tutors

1.  What do you do with my personal data?
  Your personal information will be kept strictly confidential.  Please refer to our Privacy Policy.